Common Core Standards

Storytelling is a powerful, important teaching tool!

Storytelling is...
Storytelling is the art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story to the listener. The words are not memorized, so they are not static. Storytellers take their cues from the listeners and adapt their stories as they tell, adding a detail here or slowing the pace there, thus tailoring the story to the needs of the group. The story listener has an important job - visualizing the images and responding as the tale unfolds. (National Storytelling Network 2012; MacDonald, Whitman, and Whitman 2013)

Students who have created a strong set of internal story schemata are able to make better predictions and better inferences while they are reading and they are able to develop narratives with greater ease when writing (MacDonald, Whitman, and Whitman 2013)

Listening and telling stories build Reading skills:
• Predicting

• Making Connections
• Visualizing
• Summarizing
• Inferring
• Fluency and Expression
• Speaking and Listening
• Identifying Motifs and Themes
• Comparing and Contrasting

Benefits of Storytelling as Part of the Writing Process:
• Increase usage of interesting language

• Telling the story before the written draft provides opportunities for oral revision which actually focuses and expands the written text
• Helps the student develop their voice as a writer and clarify what they want to say
• Provides sparks for other stories
• Models narrative structures

Storytelling encourages oral expression.

Acting out a story is a joyful opportunity to:
• Analyze text
• Develop characterization
• Explore the mechanics of dialogue
• Consider point of view
• Use alliteration, rhyme, and new vocabulary
• Practice sequencing
• Engage on a visual, oral, and kinesthetic level

Listening to stories positively impacts the classroom environment:
• Creates peaceful classrooms
• Provides conflict resolution strategies
• Focuses the group
• Promotes deep listening skills
• Introduces new concepts and information
• Expands and invigorates existing curriculum
• Models eloquent language
• Is a tool for character education
• Is a means to explore other cultures
• Promotes problem solving, creativity, and divergent thinking


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