Workshops, Residencies & In-services

I have participated in the following John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Seminars:
• Planing Effective Arts-Intigrated Residencies for Students
• Artists as Educators: Planning Effective Workshops for Teachers
• Artists as Educators: Presenting Effective Workshops for Teachers

Workshops and residencies are structured to meet the needs of your group. They are practical, hands-on, inspiring, and fun! They may be scheduled as one day workshops or multiple day residencies.

For Students: Standards of Learning concepts embedded in action-packed kinestetic storytelling and theatre activities. Techniques that use storytelling as a catalyst for creative thinking and problem solving. Emphasis on using storytelling as part of the writing process.

Culminating activities may include:

• Telling a story to a partner or whole class
• An in-school storytelling festival
• Traveling to other schools, libraries or senior centers to tell stories
• An Open House performance for the class and/or the parents and teachers

For Students and Teachers: Do Tell! How to create a storytelling or drama troupe for your school

For Teachers and Librarians: In-services that offer practical, inexpensive book-based activities to bring stories and history to life. Techniques for implementing and assessing storytelling as a cross curricular tool linking the oral tradition with the written word. Come prepared to play!

For Elders and Adults: Sharing the Wit and Wisdom of a Lifetime: Finding and Telling Your Personal Story - Learn how to remember, collect, organize, and present the stories of a lifetime.

For Families: More Stories, Please! Playful games and exercises to help start a storytelling tradition in your family!

Also for Families: Back to the Future: Making a Family Time Capsule - Storytelling, writing, and art activities to help decide what to include and how to preserve your artifacts.

Special Needs Populations: Vicky meets with her special friends at Surrey Arts Council once a month to dance, sing, tell jokes, listen to stories, and make a craft each session. 


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