1. The Goat in the Chili Pepper Patch Bill Wood and Vicky Town, Storytellers Download 14:46
  2. More Rice Cakes Bill Wood, Storyteller Download 11:51
  3. The Two Brothers Vicky Town, Storyteller Download 11:36
  4. The Frog Prince Bill Wood, Storytellers Download 13:36
  5. The Magic Stove Vicky Town, Storyteller Download 17:19
  6. Why Bears Hibernate Bill Wood, Storyteller Download 10:55

Bill & Vick’s Picks Vol. 1


On this first recording from Bill Wood and Vicky Town, they invite you to join them “in the living room” as they share six of their favorite folk and fairy tales from around the world! Some are old, some are new, some are told the traditional way and some are told with a twist, but all are guaranteed to please! Recommended for ages 4+ (c. 2001)

Download the entire Digital Album below.