What the audience and professionals are saying about Vicky

Kindergarten – 5th Grade Programs

“To a person there were rave reviews… The assembly was high interest, educational, and marvelous entertainment.”

Dr Jane Vadero - Reading Specialist

East Bradford Elementary School, PA

“All of her presentations were age appropriate… during her folktales she wove in math, science, and other learning concepts. Vicky was a very positive and enthusiastic presenter. She held the students’ interest the entire time… one of the best storytellers that we have had in quite a while.”

Ken McWhirter, Principal

Marmaton Valley Elementary School, KS

“Vicky Town was amazing! She was such a captivating performer… the kids were on the edge of their seats the whole time!”

Kindergarten Teacher

Keith L. Ware Elementary School, KS

“The boys were excited to discuss each story and what they envisioned. Since the boys were so impressed by Vicky’s talent for storytelling, they wanted to read a story and tell it to the class.”

Mary Jane McGough - Librarian

St. Aloysius Academy, PA

“Many teachers commented on the useful strategies Vicky imparted to them during the classroom sessions, and the students themselves were anxious for opportunities to write down their stories.”

Reading Specialist

Grasse Elementary School, PA

“Your connection to curriculum is outstanding…….and your stories are delightfully entertaining!”

Reading Specialist

Upper Darby Kindergarten Center, PA

“The faculty at our school agreed that yours was one of our best assemblies this year…..your use of your theater background along with your teaching knowledge makes for a wonderful combination in sharing your gift of storytelling.”

Assemblies Coordinators

East Goshen Elementary

“I think she is the best performer that we have had… a joy to deal with … prepared, professional, and wonderful with the children and staff.”

Amy Miele - School Media Specialist

South Valley Elementary School, NJ

“The best part was watching the kids’ faces as they listened and interacted with you. They were spellbound!!!!”

Kathy Dennison, teacher

Brookville Elementary School, PA

“Vicky can capture an audience of 15-100 children all at once. That is an amazing characteristic to have, especially in this day and age of technology… Her stories fit into any reading curriculum, and she will also provide you with ideas that you can use in your classroom.”

Lisa English - teacher

Greenwood Elementary School, PA

“Her diversity, energy, and ability to include the students in her storytelling is exceptional.”

Joyce Mahin, Library Coordinator

Colby USD 315 K-8 school, KS

“She captivated both our staff and student body with her riveting style of telling stories. Rarely is such a wide range of children so quiet and mesmerized by a single performer.”


Derry Elementary School, PA

” I just love listening to you and am captivated by your talent. I know my students are excited as well……..You have touched so many lives with your storytelling, especially mine, Vicky!”


Upper Darby Kindergarten Center, PA


“She has the ability to bring out talents in children like I have never observed in a professional……….. I would describe her work as transformative.”

Erin Cox

4-H Youth Development Agent Grayson County, VA

“For Vicky, being a storyteller is more like a calling than a job, and she conveys that spirit to everyone who had the privilege to work with her.”

Mary Beth Lauer, Young Writer's Day Coordinator

Haverford School District, PA

“Vicky Town is a master teacher who has trained hundreds of our young performers… Vicky is dedicated, reliable, energetic, fun, detailed oriented, and works well with both students and peers.”

Harry Dietzler, Executive and Artistic Director

Upper Darby Performing Arts Center, PA

“This workshop culminated in a public production… the audience loved the performance. The children excelled under Vicky’s tutelage. The Arts Council, the library staff, and the Theatre Guild were all very pleased with Vicky’s professionalism. She was very accommodating and easy to work with.”

Penny Moseley, Executive Director

The Arts Council of the Twin Cities, VA

“She is a great, caring teacher … whom children trust and perform up to their potential and beyond.”

Howard Zogott, Director

Cranbury Public Library, NJ


“Your stories were phenomenal! The kids are still talking about how great it was.”

Gretchen Ipock, Young Adult Librarian

Upper Darby Sellers Library

“She is a terrific storyteller whom children take to and cherish… But to me what makes Vicky Town such a treasure that every library and school ought to share is that passion and spirit she brings to everything she does.”

Howard Zogott, Director

Cranbury Public Library, NJ

“…an advocate for public libraries in Delaware County as well as a friend to the children and families in our county… An essential part of Ms. Town’s program is a public relations “commercial” for public libraries. She encourages her audience to apply for a library card and… to check out books… and how increased circulation may have an impact on funding for libraries.”

Mary Alice Walsh, Director

Prospect Park Library, PA

Middle School and High School

“… exemplary classroom management skills… professional staff was thrilled with Vicky’s willingness to tailor her sessions to our curriculum. The consensus from them was that our storytelling visit was more than entertainment: it truly enhanced our educational program.”

Rosemarie Becker - Library Media Specialist

Springfield Middle School (Oreland), PA

“… she enthralled the middle school students with stories that contain important messages that they need to hear … It was truly a delight to see Vicky’s instant rapport with students of all ages.”

Laura Anderson - Trego Arts Council

Trego Grade School (preK - 8), KS

“She has a knack of connecting with children of all ages from preschool to high school as well as all racial, ethnic, and social backgrounds.”

Howard Zogott, Director

Cranbury Public Library, NJ

“Her class… was one of the top rated classes of this year’s program by both her students and her peers. Her class was bold and innovative, and brought her students to new levels of thought and ability. I found her expertise to be matched by only her enthusiasm and her easy going personality.”

William L. Grose, Director

Appalachian Summer Regional Governor's School, Wytheville, VA

“She’s fun, zany, creative, supportive, encouraging, and just… spectacular. She has created a program that teaches children to come out of their shell and take risks though game playing… the skills that she teaches allow every student to be successful, to stand more confidently in front of their peers for the rest of their lives.”

Beth Hagedorn-Cottier, Social Studies Teacher

Maple Point Middle School

“Vicky Town is the storyteller the boys ask to see come back. It doesn’t matter if they are in First grade, Eighth grade or an Upper School Senior……..The faculty always marvel how Vicky can teach and tell and the boys laugh and learn during every performance!”

Upper School Teacher

The Haverford School, PA


“During every show the residents find a chance to reminisce, laugh, and simply enjoy the afternoon.”

Lisa Razzi - Activities Coordinator

Rosemont Presbyterian Village, PA

“In the long term, I am certain she gave these students, who will be our future teachers, additional skills which will make them better teachers. The immediate result is that she has given them a means of personal growth.”

Alfred Ellsworth

(Past) President of the Greene County Council on the Arts at Waynesburg College

“I haven’t laughed like that for a long time!”


Rosemont Presbyterian Village, PA

“Her passion for the performing arts is contagious and her ability to adapt the arts to different circumstances has benefited the community for many years”

Myra Leonard

Carroll County Fair Coordinator, VA

Residencies for Adults

“I didn’t realize I had such a wonderful life!”

Elder from the Chesnut Creek School for the Arts, VA

Memoir writing and personal tale telling workshop

“At least once a week, someone tells me how much they learned from your workshops… your skill at working with elders helped them build self-confidence and gain experience in retelling folktales from a variety of cultures… and helped them identify and develop personal stories in which they could then tell to groups of children or adults.”

Barbara Baumgartner, Coordinator

Northwest Area Libraries


“Vicky’s presence is exciting, and she makes a tremendous impact with her passion and enthusiasm.”

Kala Steffen, Workforce Development Training Coordinator

Barton Community College, KS

“A++ Wonderfully energetic and interactive experience!”
“Amazing! Great information! I’m so excited to try the techniques she gave us! It is going to be so useful!! WONDERFUL!! By far my favorite session I went to!!”
“One of the best I’ve been to in all the years of coming here!”
Multiple Teachers

Barton Community College Early Childhood Education Fair

Being a Commissioned Playwright

“Vicky offers a variety of plays with flexible casting which are perfect for the classroom, competition, or performance. They are the perfect length for any age and the students love rehearsing them!”

Lori Reed, Drama

Friends Central School, PA

Quotes from the Kids

” I liked everything, but most of all, just being with you.”

11 Year Old

Lynnewood Elementary School, PA

“We hope you come again, because you’re welcome anytime.”

5th graders, Custer Hill Elementary School

Fort Riley, KS

“Your visit stands out as a highlight. My daughter came home retelling all your stories and wanting to make up and tell her own.”


Swarthmore , PA

“PS Storytelling is as good as love” 

Connor - First grader

Eagle Elementary School, PA